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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Top 10 Tips for Cycling Nutrition – from Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

1. Eat a suitable diet ensuring your glycogen reserves are fully stocked

2. Increased high-mileage training will reduce glycogen consumption as your stamina builds (and muscle regeneration slows)

3. Gradually reduce mileage 7 days prior to a major endurance race to build glycogen reserves

4. There are glycogen reserves in muscles and the liver; however the reserve in the liver usually takes longer to mobilise. Therefore begin your ride relatively slowly for between 5-15 minutes (10-15 minutes is best), otherwise you'll burn up your muscles glycogen supply before the liver has started depletion.

5. Eat whilst cycling

6. Drink plenty even if you feel you don't need it

7. Eat lots of carbohydrates the night prior to cycling

8. If taking part in a race, eat at least 3 hours before the race and nothing after 1 hour before; otherwise eat food with low protein and fat so that it's digested quicker

9. Drink a strong black coffee 1 hour before cycling as the caffeine mobilises fatty acids - then follow with plenty of water

10. Don't forget to eat and drink as soon as possible after exercise to regain lost energy and fluid

You can download the full set of Guides from here

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