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Monday, 14 May 2012

I’ve only gone and done it… I bought a She Pee!

As per my last post Are we eating enough on our training rides? to stay hydrated I need to drink 1 bottle water and 1 bottle sports drink per hour, at least! 

Luckily around Vancouver there are a lot of public toilets, but I'm sure once out on the open road, they won't be so prevalent. 

I know us ladies have become experts at the crouching tiger, not so hidden dragon - but it's never the easiest thing to do - trying not to bear all, especially wearing padded cycling shorts. It also puts quite a strain on my knees (which I really need to take care of).

Looking for an alternative, trailing around lots of cycle forums - it seems a She Pee (or Shewee as they’re called here) is the best option for cycle touring - or any real outdoor pursuits for that matter.

A Shewee is an ergonomically designed funnel that provides women with a simple, private and hygienic method of urinating without removing clothes while standing up. Plus they come in five colours – I bought pink.

At Glastonbury festival, I had a go using the Water Aid cardboard ones - actually probably one of the funniest festival moments ever, all these girls huddled around troughs, giggling peeing like men - but I did find it actually really easy, and a lot more hygienic than using the smelly port-a-loos.

I’m sure that this little device will soon become my best friend when cycle touring the Pacific Coast, that my padded shorts and anti-chafe cream.

Next on my list… the Mooncup (I'm not sure if I'm that brave).

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