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Useful Links


bicycletouringpro.com/blog - Lifestyle-oriented cycle touring information source.
www.adventurecycling.org -  Premier bicycle travel organization in North America. Also includes Cyclists' Yellow Pages, where you can search Bike Shops, Resources etc. in the US. 

Books and Maps

Bicycling The Pacific Coast - More than a meticulously detailed route, this is an adventure highlighting what to see and explore along the way. Last published in 2005, so need to check details of places.

Touring maps. 1 to 5 maps covering the West Coast of USA:

Training and Nutrition

www.mapmyride.com - Great for mapping out training routes.

leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk  - Includes free information sheets on fitness and nutrition.

www.livestrong.com - Provides great advice and health and nutrition with free online tools.

www.bikeradar.com - A great article on knee care and maintenance

Bike Care

www.bicycling.com - Great article on bike repair.

bikeshopgirl.com - Really great tips and information on bike mechanics,

Places to stay and things to do

www.warmshowers.org - Promoting hospitality among touring cyclists worldwide.

www.pacific-coast-highway-travel.com - Links to campsites, attractions, restaurants etc along the pacific coast.

marilynch.com - Great blog post for visitors information in CA.Also see the CA Bike Laws and Personal Safety section. 

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