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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My bottom hearts my new saddle - Selle Italia SLK Lady Special Edition

As we all know, us women are very different to men... especially when it comes the the derrière!

Even though Dave is happy with his current saddle, for me, after re-adjusting the height and angle to suit my knees and posture, it soon became clear that my current saddle (that came with my Rocky Mountain RC 10) was not going to cut it.

I looked at a lot of reviews of different types of saddles - one of the most recommended saddles for touring is the leather Brooks saddle. Apart from being expensive and hard to look after, they take around a few hundred miles to break in - which to me is like trying to break a pair of Dr Martin boots in with your arse. Hmmm. 

As much I loved my DM boots when I finally broke them in, I thought I would opt for a hard saddle and my lovely padded shorts. 
I chose the Selle Italia SLK Lady Special Edition Saddle (Women's)

OK, OK I may have been slightly swayed at the fact it is referred to as the "Manolo of bike saddles" - but it really is pretty isn't it? But in terms of performance, it's a "Maserati". 

Double awesome - plus the fact it's a special edition made it feel even sweeter. I know I'm such a girl!

Women's saddles are wider set than men's, to cope with our wider set sit bones. After testing it out on Saturday, I instantly felt more supported and I didn't feel any pressure from any part of the saddle. 

The split section takes away any pressure to your tail bone and also (men look away) my ladies section. Sorry but it had to be said. It also gets air flowing into your "bits" which can only be a good thing if you are sitting and sweating on it for hours at a time.

After 40 miles my bottom was very happy. 

Happy bottom = happy Holly.

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