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Monday, 19 March 2012

Our first 30 mile training ride

Last weekend we rode 20 miles. We didn’t go at an exceptionally fast pace, as riding along the Vancouver seawall you encounter too many obstacles, like people to pick up any great speed.

We want to concentrate at this initial stage to getting used to long distance cycling. We will increase our speed as we increase our fitness. At the end of last week’s ride, I finished feeling pretty chuffed with myself, and also a little smug thinking, wow that was a lot easier than I thought.

This ride, we took the same route, but added on an extra 10 miles out along Kitsalano beach towards UBC. At 20 miles I had the same feeling, as before. My arse was a bit sore but I was going pretty strong.

I began to realize after a few more miles that the first 20 miles was on pretty even ground. The next seven or so miles felt like they were constantly up and down, up and down. With four way stop signs everywhere, it made it really hard to try and get a run up before you hit a hill. Dave bless him waited for me with a round of applause when I reached the top of the larger ones.

That will teach me for being smug.

After about mile 26 I started to realize how much work I was going to have to do. One thing I’m very proud of though, is that I didn’t get off and walk. No not once. Even thought on some of the hills I was cycling at about 3.8 miles per hour in the lowest gear possible, I still kept going. For that I was really proud of myself.

The last few miles, I was really starting to lag, but when I saw the sign for the Ontario Cycle route that leads t our flat, I was so happy.

After a quick stop at the shop for two celebratory bottles of root beer, we arrived home.

I managed to stuff as much Spaghetti Bolognese in my mouth as I could and then felt completely drained. I think that’s the further I have ever ridden in my life – and no St. Patrick ’s Day drinking for me.
I can definitely say Vancouver has got great terrain for training. 

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