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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

It had to happen… our first puncture!

Near the end of our 36 mile ride on Sunday, my bike suddenly stopped moving! I always check the front wheel and it was fine so I started shouting to Dave. Got off the bike and saw my back wheel was flat. Damn it!


Dave stepped up to rescue my wheel (as I literally had no idea – we hadn’t taken our course yet!) and popped the tire off, finding a bloody great nail in it!


Luckily we had a spare inner tube with us, but we didn’t have our pod with the app on telling you how to change your tire as we both realized taking the wheel off and the inner tube out to be the easy part.

It was really hot and we both got a bit flustered after forgetting to release the break when reattaching the wheel – doh!

Not a bad job for a first attempt, but I think we definitely need to take a bike mechanic course – good job we have one booked.

If you want to know how to change an inner tube or fix a puncture, here’s a good vid…

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