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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Are we eating enough on our training rides?

Eating on rides, I now know from experience, can have a real impact on your performance and recovery.

Although I’m still not totally sure how much I need. I guess a lot of it is trial and error and also listening to your body and how it feels. But if you feel hungry or thirsty on a ride - you’ve left it too late. 

We have been learning so much over the last few weeks about nutrition and fitness, it's all great, but sometimes all this new information does get a bit overwhelming and hard to have confidence you’re doing it right!

I found some really great tips from www.bicycling.com about what you should eat on different length rides, so I thought I would share:

Short Rides

RIDE DURATION: 1 hour or less
PRIMARY CONCERN: Fluid replenishment 
WHAT TO DRINK: Plain water
WHAT TO EAT: Most people start with enough stored energy for a 60-minute workout, but carry 1 PowerBar Gel, which has 27 grams of carbs and 200mg sodium, just in case
BONUS TIP: For optimal recovery, eat a full meal within an hour of finishing an intense workout.

We do all of these things so thumbs up there!!

Medium-Length Rides

RIDE DURATION: 1 to 3 hours
PRIMARY CONCERN: Carbohydrate replenishment
WHAT TO DRINK: 1 bottle water and 1 bottle sports drink per hour, at least
WHAT TO EAT: 30-60g of carb per hour from bars, gels and sports drinks--up to 80g if you're consuming glucose and fructose together
BONUS TIP: Don't dilute the sports drinks--your body absorbs them most efficiently at their correct concentrations.

Hmm Dave and I share a bar between us on our longer rides and eat my new favourite Sharkies, but by the looks of this, we’re not getting enough.

We will have to up the intake and see if it improves our next ride. If the last 10 miles of our 30 mile Sunday ride is anything to go by, I don’t think I can get much worst – ha.

I guess we're going to have to start drinking energy drinks... blurgh.

Longer Rides

RIDE DURATION: 3 hours or more
PRIMARY CONCERN: Carbohydrate and electrolyte replenishment; food boredom
WHAT TO DRINK: 1 bottle water and 1 bottle sports drink per hour, at least
WHAT TO EAT: 30-60g of carbs per hour, total. Digestion can get harder as rides get longer, so eat more solids at the beginning of the ride, and rely on gels for quick energy in the last third of the ride.
BONUS TIP: Supplement bars and gels with carb-rich, low-protein, moderate-fat "real" foods. Don't worry about specific amounts of protein or fat; just eat what tastes good so you keep eating.

To be honest we haven’t really go there yet, but great tips for when we do. I now know that I’m not drinking enough, but seriously I’m going to have to stop and pee every 15 minutes if this is anything to go by…

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