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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Training Food Recipes - Tuna rice salad

With all the training, our appetites have massively increased. So it's not rocket science to work out that our measly cheese sandwich lunch wasn't going to fill our ever increasing void.

As we are trying to stick to more natural foods, preparing your own meals as much as you can is so much better as you have full control of what the ingredients are.

I thought I would share this quick and easy recipe for Tuna rice salad - a delicious, filling and nutritious lunch.

Tuna, brown rice salad - quick lunch

You will need:

Canned tuna (in spring water and dolphin friendly of course!)
Brown rice
Gherkins (Dill pickles)
Olive oil
Lemon juice (fresh is better)

Tip: As brown takes a while to cook, I cook up a big batch a few times a week, then it's super quick to make up your lunch boxes. 

Roughly chop up the tomatoes, cucumber, and gherkins.

Add in four heaped spoonfuls of cooked rice to you lunch box, and add the chopped ingredients on top along with the olives. 

Drain the tuna and flake over the top, we share a can between us each day. 

Drizzle over the olive oil and lemon juice, and add pepper to taste. 

This is so easy, and it really fills me up. 

Plus: Cucumber is a cycling superfood - It’s a good source of caffeic acid, which helps sooth skin irritation, and silica, an essential building block of connective tissue like muscle, tendons and ligaments, and bone.

So is tuna! As it contains Omega-3, which generally increases blood flow which may help wash out inflammatory cells in damaged muscles" that cause pain and swelling. 

We will be cycling the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Tijuana over six weeks starting in August 2012 to raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Please show your support by sponsoring us here, leaving a comment below and sharing our blog.

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