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Monday, 28 May 2012

Out with the bad... In with the good

To booze or not to booze that is the question?

Can you train hard and drink a lot and eat loads of fast food?

The answer is yes probably (in fact I’m sure that there are plenty of Premier League footballers who do this, and more, throughout the season ‘it’s alright I sweat it all out on the training ground!’), but I don’t think it will do you any good!

So I find myself pondering, can I train for our big trip and still enjoy having a drink? I think again the answer is yes, if things are done in moderation…

When I was younger, I could go out and drink 6 pints get up the next day and go for a run but now I’m past 30, in the words of detective Murtagh ‘I’m too old for that sh!t’. So I decided moderation was the way forward, I didn’t want to put myself in some kind of booze free prison, banning myself from drinking for months, no I thought, I’ll just have a little, a bottle of beer here and a glass of wine there, but the strangest thing happened, the less I drank, the less I wanted to drink…

Less Of This


And Less of this

Vegas Part One 015

I am seeing the benefits, feeling good, the beer belly I’ve been growing these last few years is slowly going.

I’m not saying booze is bad, it’s been the source of many fun times in my life, and I always will look forward to catching up with friends over a beer or two (or three or four), at the moment it just feels like a rest is as good as holiday as they say - plus I’m feeling so good I don’t want to throw it all away for a massive hangover….

More of this


The same goes for the food too.

The healthier I eat the better I feel, and the easier the riding gets, our cupboard has gone from looking like the inside of a sweet shop to looking like a squirrels pantry.

We both feel so much better for it, I know it’s not rocket science but it’s amazing how some healthy eating can make you feel - as with the booze I’m happy to make a balance though, we did stop off for fish and chips on a ride the other week and I’ll never say no to the odd burger…


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