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Monday, 3 September 2012

Day 30: Fall into Santa Cruz - Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz

After loading up on the free breakfast from the motel we set off into the fog. The beginning of the day the road rose and fell with the dliffs, the climbs not too bad and the roads not terribly busy for labour day.

There was a long hall of no shops or running water so we made sure to load up before we set off. The road was full of day beach areas, each filled with families setting up for BBQs to celebtate the holiday.

We stopped to eat our lunch at Bean ollow State beach sticking to the north side of the beach, full of rock pools and a lot quite than the south side.

It was a hard day for us in the fact that there was so much fog, it made the ride a bit boring as you couldn't see anything. Some of the cliffs you were riding through would have been stunning, but I guess we have been lucky with views until now.

Breaking up the afternoon we stooped at an organic strawberry farm, which gave a discount to cyclists and treated ourselves to a delicious homemade strawberry short cake, yum yum yum. After leaving the farm the shoulder crossed some train tracks, I slowed down and role over the first, but I caught my front wheel in the second groove next to the track and managed to fall with my bike into the road. Luckily the road was clear and I was going really slow so I think my pride hurt more than my bottom, but got a fright none the less.

Arriving into Santa Cruz was so weird. Two seconds ago we had been on an almost deralict fog ridden rugged coast and all of a sudden we were in in a fun fueled university town with plam trees and rollercoasters.

This place was far too much fun to just roll on through, so we found a cheap motel and decided to explore the boardwalk.

Miles today 50. Total miles 1274.


  1. I went to school in Santa Cruz, and lived there for 5 years! Enjoy - lots of fun: beaches, redwoods and the boardwalk. Don't miss the best breakfast at Cafe Brazil!

    1. It was so much fun, what a great place to go to school! We didn't make it there for breakfast as had to head off, but we enjoyed the boardwalk and beach. X