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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 31- Has the get up and go gone? Santa Cruz to Monterey

Today was hard at first, but not because of any big hills or scary moments but for some more mundane reasons, firstly it was very foggy again this morning and our journey began on the busy streets of Santa Cruz so the riding was not much fun either added to which I'd developed a pain in my knee, whinge whinge whinge, all this was leaving me feeling slightly uninspired, not to worry though, this would not last.

The ride took us from the streets if Santa Cruz, through the fruit and vegetable farms of Monterey County via a quick pit stop at La Selva State Beach where we were lucky enough to see some more great bird life. As we cycled through the farm fields (which at times smelled if the lovely sweet strawberries that were being grown in them) we saw lots if people hard at work harvesting the crops and it reminded me how lucky we were to have the opportunity to be in this trip and have some time off from working and it snapped me out if my bad mood.

There wasn't much in the way if amazing vistas in the ride today but we did have several animal sightings to keep us entertained. Outside of Moss Landing we saw a large colony of sea lions jostling for position on a jetty all piled on top of each other and jumping and playing in the water. We were also very entertained by all the ground squirrels we saw whilst riding the bike path through the grass lands leading up to Monterey. Following the Hifhway on the bike path we saw our first sign for LA, can't believe how close we are now to the end!

The day ended in Monterey along a route that took us by the beach and the clouds have lifted now. Time for some rest, big climbs tomorrow as we head for Big Sur.

Miles today 46. Total miles 1,320.

1 comment:

  1. Go get some Crab Chowder on the wharf in Monterey!!!
    Stay at Fernwood in Big Sur, its a fun party!