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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day 35: Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air - Santa Maria to Lompoc

With the wheel problem on my bike continuing we decided we needed to get a new one, two popped spokes in two days= broken wheel I think and there's no way I want to be changing spokes everyday until the finish line. It's annoying to have to get a new wheel so close to the end but what can you do?

The nearest bike shop was twenty miles down the road but unfortunately it was closed on Sunday and we couldn't risk another fifty miles to Santa Barbara with such a weak wheel. We decided to just do a short day to Lompoc where the shop is located and get the new wheel first thing on Monday.

The short day gave us chance to hit the breakfast buffet in the hotel, all this riding has made me an eating machine so I definitely got my monies worth!

We set off into the sunshine for a short but certainly not uneventful ride.

About two miles in Holly got a flat in her front tyre, then after another two miles she got another one then after another two miles I got one! Unbelievable! All three flats were in the front tyre which neither of us had previously had a flat in for the entire trip (our succession of earlier flats had all been in the back tyre) which made it even more unbelievable. On close inspection both tires are very worn so we may have to add new tyres to tomorrow's shopping list. I have to admit changing the third tyre in the bkazing heat by the side of a busy freeway was pretty frustrating and I needed to let a strongly worded shout to release the tension.

Luckily after this we didn't get any more flats for the rest of the day.
The ride progressed from the highway through some farmland and up a 900 foot climb where we got a nice view of the valley below us, then it was all downhill to Lompoc where we grabbed a motel for the night.

Miles today 20. Total miles 1527.

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  1. Haha - Santa Maria is where my dad lives!!