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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 39: Are we nearly there yet? - Huntington Beach to Carlsbad

The day began with a pleasant spin down the beach bicycle path, but that was only to last for a few miles, then we were on to the PCH and in this part of California the car is king so it was very busy.

As we were cycling through the next town, Newport Beach, which I believe was the setting of popular TV series 'The OC', we got talking to another cyclist who guided us off the highway for a while and took us on a tour of some if Newport's most salubrious neighbourhoods, the houses were amazing some right next to the water with luxury boats parked outside. So thanks for the tour Harver and for getting us away from the traffic for a while.

We then cycled on through the nice beach town of Laguna Beach where we stopped to look at the ocean and get some lunch and then it was onwards through more beach towns, Dana Point and Capistrano Beach then to San Clemente.
In San Clamente our route took us through another tour of town streets before heading out of town on a bike path. Then we were out of built up areas for a while.
First we went through some state beaches sandwiched between the train tracks and the freeway on one side and the ocean on the other, past a nuclear power plant and then headed inland for a rather unique section of the ride.

The area of the coast between San Clemente and Oceanside is dominated by Camp Pendleton Marine Reservation and the only road that disects it is the I5 freeway where bikes are not allowed, so our only route was through the camp. We had to show ID at the entry gate and then we were allowed to cycle through the camp for the next ten miles. We saw some signs for 'Tank Crossing' and a few military vehicles but other than that it was like cycling through a university in many ways.

After Camp Pendleton we headed back to the beaches at the town of Oceanside and then on to Carlsbad where we finished for the day.
Close to the end now.

Miles today 58. Total miles 1781.


  1. I still don't know how you're both doing this (well of course I do really) - I'm totally in awe of you and your achievements and for such a great cause too.

    1. Neither do I really Suse, I keep having these "out of body experiences" that I'm watching myself cycle up a massive mountain!! Slightly different to how I was back in London hey?!