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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 34: Some people stand in the darkness - Morro Bay State Park to Santa Maria

The bike shop in San Luis didn't open until 10 so we took our time sorting out what weight we could lose. As after today there wasn't many places we wanted to camp again we decided to get rid of all our camping gea
Our pot, burner and bowls were all starting to break so they headed for the bin, but we didn't know what to do with the tent and mats as it wouldn't have been worth sending them home we decided to give it all to a young family from mexico who were camping in the next spot. They only had one tent between mum, dad, grandma and granddaughter. They were really appreciative and were really lovely people, we felt happy our tent would be going to a good home. Just as we were about to head off Ron from yesterday turned up on his bike to check we were OK and had got our spoke fixed! Amazing, what a great guy! People sure are nice and friendly around here!
Heading into farmland a little lighter on our way to San Luis Opisbo. With the glorious sunshine we stopped to apply sunscreen. As we were slathering the cold cream over us, a car pulled up and a guy wound down his window "I live just around the corner, do you need any help?" We all had a laugh when I said we were just creaming up. I think Morrow Bay is officially the nicest town!
After about 16 miles we reached San luis. Wow what a nice place (Matt and Leah you are so lucky it's your home town!) It had such a great vibe, friendly people, lots of independent cafes and bars we wish we could have stayed longer. When we were finished in the bike shop we took the 227 and Price Canyon Road into Pismo beach and couldn't help singing the Baywatch theme tune out loud as we road - So Cal, we have arrived!
The beach looked amazing and the houses were just so nice, if it wasn't for all the warning signs everywhere of what to do if you hear the nuclear warning signal I would be moving in! Who's bright idea was it to build a nuclear power plant on a fault line?!
Stopping for lunch in the centre of town, bustling with Saturday visitors, we had a wonder round the seaside town.
Following the Highway 1, now the Pacific Coast Highway was passed through Grover Beach and Ocean and up a fairly steep hill back into farm lands and terrible, terrible road surfaces. After quite a few miles I needed a bathroom break so we stopped at a garage in Guadalupe, but a guy got the key before me.... we wsited for a good 15 mins. I decided I didn't want to go in there after that amount of time so we headed onwards. Guadalupe was a bit scary, a real farm town, we actually felt like we were in Mexico, but no more bathrooms - ahh, so pushed forwards to the next town Orcutt.
The first few miles there was a terribly heavy head wind, but as it cleared we started powering quite fast along the roads, not a good idea.... yes you guessed it... spoke number 3 for Dave broke - that's 2 in 2 days! Damn. Dave made it most of the way to Orcutt, but had to push the last mile.
We were so tired and all we wanted was a motel, turns out there are no motels in Orcutt. An awesome old town with old styled shops and buildings but no motel, b&b nothing! I was really close to tears as we just didn't know what to do. Lots of people stopped to chst and tell us what a nice town it is and how nice and helpful everyone is, but funny thing was nobody really helped us! One lady directed us to a hotel 'only half a mile down the road' (it was 4). We had to mend the spoke there and then and cycle to try and find this hotel.
Finally the spoke was fixed and we were on the highway... heading north towards San Francisco - a little soul distroying. The sun had set and we were losing daylight, we finally found the hotel by the Santa Maria airport - a Radisson. I head to go in with my charity top on and pigtails and beg for a cheap room. We were so relieved they had a room spare, as there was a female pilot convention on! They gave us a special rate in the room - but was still way over budget - if only we had got Dave a new wheel when we got mine, you live and learn hey?
The room was amazing, the bed even had air control to adjust the firmness of the mattress, it was the nicest bed I can remember sleeping in. I never want to leave.
Miles today 61 (4 in the wrong direction - doh). Total miles 1507.

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