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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Day 29: Bye bye big city, hello again fog - San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

We woke up ate as much if the breakfast buffet as we could and hit the road.
Our hotel was located in downtown San Francisco so our first bit if riding for the day was through some busy inner city neighborhoods then up some of those famous steep San Francisco streets and into Golden Gate park.
The park was both bustling and peaceful at the same time in the way that all great city parks seem to be, it reminded us of Regents and Hyde Parks in London.
We rode the length of the park from east to west where we then joined up with the Pacific Ocean again and we rode south on the Great Highway, by this point the sun had disappeared and the famous San Francisco fog had rolled in.
As we cycled along the busy highway next to beaches full of dog walkers and surfers Holly noticed an injured Seagull sat in the middle of the road (it may have been hit by a car), we stopped and managed to shepherd the bird to safety by the side of the road but its wing was broken and it could not fly, we got a passerby to call the SPCA and animal control but as it was a Sunday there was no reply, not wanting to give up another passer by took the injured bird into his car and said he would take it to an animal hospital, what a kind man, we hope this story has a happy ending and the bird recovers.
We continued cycling through Daly City, where we stopped for lunch, then on through Pacifica, the fog was really thick now, probably the thickest we seen. As we left Pacifica the fog cleared briefly as we begun the steep climb over a hill known as Devil's Slide, this seems like an apt name as it was probably the most dangerous section of riding we had done so far as the road was busy and steep with ni shoulder, we made it over the top and the descent wasn't a walk in the park either, the fog was back, it was steep and busy and there were huge potholes we needed to avoid but we made it down in one piece!
We ended the day in the town of Half Moon Bay, the fog was still thick and a bit chilly so we grabbed a motel room.
Miles today 34. Total miles 1,224.


  1. Wow you have made it soooo far! Good times on the Pac Coast.....thinking we are gonna go for a drive down it in 2 months! Keep up the great job......how many more days on the road?

  2. Thank so much, we have about two weeks left to go (if all goes to plan!)