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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 37: The Long Haul- Santa Barbara to Malibu

Up and out early into the sunshine.

The day started with a ride through Santa Barbara in the early morning sun, Santa Barbara is a lovely town, lots of nice Spanish architecture and you have the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.

The ride continued on through the towns of Summerland, Carpintera & Ventura, where we cycled along bike paths and beaches full of surfers, this is SoCal as you would imagine it to be, except for the weather, upon leaving Santa Barbara a fog had rolled in and the day was to remain overcast, so none of the famous California sunshine today, ah well you can't have it all.

After Ventura we cycled through the towns of Oxnard & Port Hueneme then headed out down a mountainous rugged section of coastline that would probably be our last stretch of open country riding before we hit LA. The start of this section was met with a huge headwind that had me riding in my uphill gearing it was so strong, luckily it did not last.
As we stopped to look at the ocean we saw a school of dolphins swimming by which was a lovely sight, we have been so lucky to have seen so much amazing wildlife on this trip.
Following that we hit the sprawling community of Malibu. So many huge and amazing houses were gathered by the sea and dotted on the hillside, you can see that this area is the preserve of the rich and famous.
Got to a motel tired and hungry, out largest amount of miles covered today! LA tomorrow!
Miles today 80. Total miles 1,661.

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