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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Day 38: This ain't no disco, it ain't no country club either... Malibu to Huntington Beach

Our stay in the Malibu Motel was so relaxing, you could hear the ocean through our window in the night, so we both felt really rejuvenated in the morning. Setting off just before 9am along a really busy Highway 1, even though there was a shoulder there were cars parked so it made it quite unsafe to ride along, so reaching the bike path on the beach at Santa Monica was well received. We treated ourselves to a breakfast burrito on the beach.

The bike path was amazing, taking you right along the beach, even through the sand in some places along Santa Monica, Venice and Manhattan beach. The path was buzzing - yummy mummies running with Prams, cyclists of all shapes an sizes, I even saw a guy in his 80's roller blading - he was such a dude!

At Redondo beach the path took us through a hotel car park which was really strange, but out at the pier where we took to the LA roads. It wasn't too bad at first, with a bike path most if the time or a large shoulder. As we rode through Carson however, it was a different story. The road surface was awful, no shoulder and three lanes of really fast traffic heading for the freeway entrance. The worst thing was we thought we had gone the wrong way and went back on ourselves so ended up cycling the bridge over the railway lines twice.

Finally we made it to the bike path, which was nice to be off the road but it was pretty deralict - it was up high with one side the Los Angeles river, which looked like the bit where they filmed the race scene in Grease and industrial on the other. It was easy to get some speed up and we were in the marina and Shoreline village which reminded me a little of Vancouver. The bike path continued along Bluff Park with white sandy beach all the way along and filled with kite surfers.

Back onto the road on 2nd street over Alamitos bay which was full of swimmers and dragon boat racers - everyone in this city seems to be either at the beach or in a car! Turning onto the PCH towards Seal Beach we realised we had done it - LA - and still lived to tell the tale.

Another bike path at Sunset beach took us all the way to Huntington Beach where we called it a day and had our first fish taco - oh my god amazing!

Miles today 62. Total miles 1723.


  1. Welcome to my home town you two! Please take your time going through Laguna Beach and kiss the sand and ocean for me! xx

  2. Ooh we pass Laguna beach today!! It's so lovely here, I'm going to visit you eveytime you're home :) hope you're having fun in London town xx