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Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 33: Broken spoke 4 - Time to lose some weight. Limekiln State Park to Morro Bay State Park

The riding today was varied and feels like it could easily be categorised into sections, so here goes:
Section number one was some pleasant small hills with some amazing views of the ocean to our left and the early morning sun cracking through the mountains to our left, as it was early there was hardly any traffic on the road so it was nice and quiet. We did however, see a vulture eating a dead skunk, just goes to show that vultures will eat anything, then again so will some people (McRib anyone?)
After this came section number two, the big climb! This climb started at around sea level and rose to around 1,000 feet, it then fell and rose sharply again, even steeper than before, over the whole climb there were some nice views to be had, but it was hard work and I think we were both glad when it was time for the descent. On to section three!
The third section of the ride was over some rolling hills at around sea level right next to the ocean, on this stretch we saw some pelicans diving into the ocean to catch fish and a colony of elephant seals on the beach, these creatures are amazing, so big but they can move really fast if they need to. We cycled past Hearst Castle which was perched high on a hillside overlooking the highway.
We headed inland through section four, which took us through farmland and some small towns before we hit the ocean again.
Section five took us along the ocean and into the lovely seaside town of Cayucos where stopped by the beach and ate some sandwiches in the sunshine, the weather had been great all day, really warm and sunny and we didn't even have any fog in the morning, I guess we now must be officially getting into Southern California.
We chatted to a really nice couple from Morro Bay who were on a tandem bike and reassured us of how nice the campsite was (there were two in town, the beach campground was a car park for RVs, so not to be confused!)
As we headed into the town of Morro just two miles from the campsite disaster struck and I broke another spoke, boo! This is the second one for me and the wheel won't be in great shape now. Just as we had stopped on the side of the road the couple we had been talking to earlier, drove passed us in the car and Ron came out to help us locate a bikeshop. So lovely of him. We managed to get to the campground but will need to get it checked over at a bike shop tomorrow.
We really don't want to break any more spokes and so with only a week to go and a few cities to pass through we decided it would be easiest to lose our camping gear to lighten our loads for these last few days, so, last night in the tent tonight. Thank you tent, you have been good to us.
Miles today 68. Total miles 1,446.

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