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Friday, 31 August 2012

Day 28: Heading for the 'frisco bay -Samuel P Taylor State Park to San Francisco

So we woke up and all five members if our tree circle camp group decided to ride together to San Francisco which was really nice. Our peloton set off from the park riding over some very rough roads and rolling terrain with a few hills but nothing like what we have seen recently. We stopped in the town of Fairfax to get some breakfast and then it was onwards to the big city.

Had a temporary stop in Larkspur as Amanda broke a spoke, luckily due to our previous misfortunes we had the tools to help her fix it, we all pitched in and with Todd's expert guidance Amanda fixed the wheel and we were on our way again. We rode down a bike lane then into  Saulisito, by now things were starting to get built up and we could see the city across the water, we climbed a hill and then there it was in front of us, the Golden Gate Bridge, by this point we had lost the others as we had stopped to take some pictures, which is a shame as they were all ending their trips in San Francisco and it would have been nice to say goodbye.

The bridge was crazy, lots of pedestrians and other cyclists but we managed to stop and enjoy the view and even saw some seals (or perhaps sea lions) playing in the water.Then we were in San Francisco.

We have been travelling for about a month now and we haven't been through a major metro area since leaving Vancouver so I must admit it was a bit of a culture shock, so many people and so much noise, I'd almost forgotten what city life was like, our hotel was downtown so we had to cycle through a park and then some busy city streets to get to the hotel.

We went out to stuff our faces with some diner food then rest day tomorrow to see the sites.

Miles today 33. Total miles 1190.

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