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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 1- We have no jobs and our home is a tent

So the day had finally arrived and we were all set to leave.

We'd planned on getting an early start and covering a fair few miles but what do they say about best laid plans and all that?

We eventually ended up setting off just after 11, watching the cycling in the Olympics and some last minute packing had got us quite delayed but oh well! It was very exciting and inspiring watching Wiggins get the gold ( not that I'm comparing out pootle down the coast to winning at the Olympics but it's amazing what people can do).

So we headed off excited but slightly wistful as it was sad to say goodbye to this amazing city that we have called home for the last six months and sad to say goodbye to the friends we have made here.

Strangely we are starting our ride by heading north, we really wanted to check out Vancouver Island so the extra miles will hopefully be worth it.

We rode 20 miles from our flat to Horseshoe Bay to get the ferry and it felt great really free so excited for this adventure.

The ferry to Nanaimo took about
an hour and a half and we got to see some beautiful scenery and one last glimpse of the Vancouver skyline.

We camped about 5 miles from Nanaimo at a nice campsite although we were bugged all evening by wasps, I wish they would just buzz off and leave my rootbeer alone.

Had a good campfire and made some s'mores then hit they hay.

Total miles today 26.9. Slow start, easing ourselves into it. Big thanks to out neighbour in camp for the kindling and the tips for our onward journey


  1. Aaron Alexander2 August 2012 at 11:49

    Congrats on the beginning to your journey.......also i'm now hungry and craving smores!!

  2. Mmmmm, s'mores!
    Starting is always the hardest part so congrats on completing Day 1! Miss you! xo