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Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 11: You need more than your legs to push you - Nahalem Bay State Park to Cape Lookout State Park

From when we set off from our rest day in Astoria, I've been suffering with some terrible feelings of self doubt. I wasn't going to write about them on this blog, but I decided its a massive part of our journey so need to share the bad with the good.
I never thought this would be pootle down the coast, but it takes constant positive energy to keep you going. Every hill is a challenge. Every headwind and yes every puncture. Yes that's right the new `un-puncturable' tires punctured today! We are constantly battling against obstacles, and its so much more draining mentally than I ever imagined it would be.
Our new tires are a lot heavier than our previous ones and are a bit like cycling through mud uphill. We set off today and what was supposed to be an 'easy' day. The first section to Bay city wasn't too bad, not much to see and by the time we got to Tillamook all the weekend traffic with caravans and RVs (some bigger than most UK houses) hurtling past trying to get home on time, not giving us much room, if any! I find constant flows of traffic like this really draining. We took a much needed break and hard some fresh crab melts - probably the best thing to eat actually!
After Tillamook we took the Three Capes Scenic Route. As soon as we headed along the water, we were hit by this really hard headwind. At least with hills gears make it easier, but the wind can be realty hardcore. Finally we made it around the peak, but hard to turn up a hill which had a terrible surface and filled with fog. It seemed to take forever, and when I finally caught up with Dave I was actually glad to hear he had also found it really hard.
I know I'm slower than Dave and I struggle a lot thinking I'm holding him back and if I don't finish I will be letting everyone down. Reaching Astoria it was such an amazing feeling, but also a big realization that we still have so far to go. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but I know it will also be the most rewarding.
After we finished to climb we got to Cape Mears Lookout and there was so much fog you couldn't see anything. You kind of just have to laugh really in the end. We made it down to the beach, and were rewarded with a gorgeous view. Another hill faced me and just when I was starting to feel I'd had enough, a tailwind gently pushed me up the hill. It put a huge smile on my face and felt like someone was watching me and giving me the push I needed. The views on the rest of the ride were spectacular and now we're camped in a campsite overlooking the sea.
Its not usually everyday you say you've accomplished something, but at the moment, we really can.
Three big climbs tomorrow, two of over 800 ft, I'm keeping positive and fingers crossed for a little tail wind.
Miles today 48. Total Miles 462.

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