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Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 16: Around every corner is a picture waiting to be taken - Bullard Beach to Humbug Mountain

Got away from the campsite just before 10 heading into the next town Brandon on the search for some coffee to warm up. You can always be sure of finding some nice coffee on this trip!

Caffeinated up, we followed signs back to the 101, we didn't get far before I had to stop to take pictures. The rock formations in the sea are spectacular in Oregon and each bay has its own special collection. After being on the road barely a few minutes we stopped at Face Rock view point. Can you see it?

The 101 took us inland and boy do you notice a difference in temperature and there's there was this strange big yellow ball in the sky! Crossing over the county boarder into Curry County, first stop was the town of Langlois, we had been given a hot tip about the 'best hotdogs' in the Langlois Market Deli.

It sure was popular, the place was packed full of people buying hotdogs for lunch. We had to give them a try. These type of dogs are called Brats (pronounced Brots), like a Bratwurst and they served them with their special homemade mustard, which tasted a bit like apple sauce. Yum yum yum. Pretty darn good.

The next 10 miles took us back to the coast where I kept losing Dave as I couldn't stop taking pictures. We finally reached our destination of Humbug Mountain and set up camp in a really nice hiker biker site surrounded by tiny bunnies. To beat the cold we treated ourselves to a glorious raging fire.

Last riding day in Oregon tomorrow, only 50 miles stand between us and our rest day. Think we'll get an early night to make an early morning getaway.

Miles today 38.5. Total miles 687.5.

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