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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day 17: When the fog clears - Mount Humbug to Brookings

We awoke this morning to what sounded like small helicopters circling above our tent, at first I thought maybe it was somebody snoring but when we emerged we saw that the sound was in fact some humming birds eating nectar from the flowers around our tent, there were also lots of little rabbits running around the site. We saw lots of birds today including Blue Jays and Vultures.

We set off into sense fog, probably the thickest we have seen so far, over some hills, past some dinosaurs (of the fiberglass variety), took a deviation along the old coast highway which reminded me a lot of an English country lane, narrow and winding and there was even a field of sheep to complete the picture.

We stopped for lunch at the town of Gold Beach, then headed off for the afternoon ride to Brookings, no Towns or shops just twenty five miles of uninterrupted coastline so we made sure to stock up on water and bars before leaving town.

Th ride started with a long climb over cape Sebastian and as soon as we descended the fog had cleared and we were treated to some spectacular coastal scenery, some of the best we have seen, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking but it really is like nothing I've seen before.

The day ended with more and more of these views and some short sharp climbs and a ride over Oregan's tallest bridge 345feet set on an iron girder holding it above the beach) before we arrived in Brookings to a nice Motel room and delicious prime rib dinner, we even ran into our Canadian friends from the campsite in the restaurant.

We are now only four miles from the Californian border so today was our last proper day riding in Oregon and what a great experience it has been, the weather has been bizarre at times but the scenery has been amazing, the wildlife sightings have been abundant and we have met some really lovely people. I would recommend that you should visit here if you get the chance. Miles today 51. Total miles 738.

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