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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day 4: We can climb mountains - Oak Harbor to Dosewallips

Managing to leave the motel fairly early, we got dragged into the local coffee shop for breakfast and use of the wifi so we didn't end up leaving Oak Harbors until after 10.
Taking the 20 across the island we made good time to catch a ferry to Port Townsend on the mainland. We tied our bikes up for the last time and went on deck to eat as we were starved. I know the English are mocked for their bad food, but some of the food we have come across so far in convenience places is so bad. Its so hard to get a piece of fruit even. I had some sort of Philly cheese steak and it was nearly time to dock as the ferry was only 30 mins. We untied our bikes and rolled them off the ferry with the rest of the foot passengers into town.
What a great town Port Townsend is! Dripping with history and beautifully maintained Victorian-style buildings, we were greeted by a bluegrass band on the street. There's a great bike shop right in the centre of town where we loaded up on puncture repair kits and tubes.
Leaving town continuing on the 20 it took about 20 miles until we reached the town of Quilcene and hit the 101 for the first time. We stopped for a break in town, which is the largest oyster hatchery in the world. Every tiny place old oysters, don't think bad of us for not eating any though... After cycling 40 miles,its not really what you fancy. A lady told us about a nice campsite about 3 miles out of town, we headed along the 101 up the base of Mount Walker. It was a bit of a push but arrived and realised that the campsite didn't have any water.Damn. We had to carry on, further up and over the mountain. I think we both have to thank Gatorade for getting us up that mountain at the end of the day, and as always... What goes up must come down!!
Quite a few of the campsites were full, but a cyclist on the ferry told us to always ask in the state parks as they will always make room. The ranger at Dosewallips park let us camp in the old hiker- biker section of the park by the water. It was really lovely and we joined a few other cyclists. We pitched our tent and traded tips and stories with the other cyclists.
Miles today 56. Total miles 151.
First application of anti-chaife.

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