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Friday, 10 August 2012

Day 9- Goonies never say die- Cathlamet to Astoria

<p>Cathlamet to Astoria</p>
<p>It was hard to raise Holly from the butter bed this morning, she even managed to sleep through an air raid siren that went off at 6am for some reason.</p>
<p>We hit the road at 10 and headed to cross the Columbia River, by this point the river is several miles wide, so our crossing was as follows; bridge to Puget Island then ride across the island then a short ferry to the south bank of the river.
As we got off the boat the guys asked where we were headed 'big hill that way' they said 'makes me tired just driving up it', oh dear surely it can't be that bad??
We are now in Oregon, it feels great to have cycled clean across Washington state, really pleased with what we have achieved so far and looking forward to cycling the Oregon coastline.
The ride to Astoria was down a busy highway and the guys were right there was a big hill but we made it and after that a few more hills, we stopped at a gas station for our 'gas station special' of Gatorade and jerky to help us power on into town.
More hills and a brief stop by the river to watch eagles soaring in the sky high above us and then we arrived in Astoria. What a great town this is, it really seems to be thriving so many nice independent stores and restaurants and a real cool laid back atmosphere. More importantly, it is also the setting for some classic movies from the 80's; The Goonies, Short Circuit AND Kindergarten Cop were all filmed here, how awesome is that, I've been thinking of my favourite quotes and singing Good Enough by Cindy Lauper all day.
After nine days in the saddle we have decided to have a rest day, so booked into a motel for two nights then went into town to eat a later food. We went to a great restaurant called T Paul's Supper Club where we are four courses of delicious food; Calamari, Salad, Steak n Shrimp and Cake washed down with a pinto of local IPAd from the Fort George Brewery and then to bed.
Miles today: 31 Total miles: 372

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