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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day 21: Broken spoke 3- not again! Arcata to Rio Dell

We had a delicious vegetarian breakfast in Arcata at the... whilst the good people at Revolution Cycles fixed Holly's wheel, in the end though we decided to just get them to replace the back wheel as with this many breakages we couldn't be confident on the existing wheel going the full distance so seemed best to replace it ASAP.

From Arcata we rode through Eureka, stopping to check out some of the nice architecture that this town is famous for. From there it was back to the 101 which was now a freeway for a few miles which was a pretty joyless slog as the road was very bust and there was nit much to see.

As soon as we were able we left the freeway to take the scenic route, this added a few miles on to our trip but was much nicer than the busy 101.

We stopped for lunch at a bird sanctuary and then peddled on through the country towns of Loleta and Fernbridge before stopping to buy some peaches at a fruit stand.

The day continued through more beautiful relaxing farmland and into the Victorian town of Ferndale which was picture postcard pretty and we stopped and had a nice vegetarian chilli at the lost coast cafe.

From there our route took us back to more farmland this time with some very steep rolling hills, coming down one of these hills the unbelievable happened, I broke a spoke! Oh why oh why had we not replaced my wheel this morning when we replaced Holly's?!? The nearest bike shop was all the way back in Eureka and the day was ending so there is no way we could have made it back there in time and we couldn't replace the spoke as it was on the cassette side and we did not have the necessary tools to replace the cassette.

My bike was able to soldier on four more miles at a slow pace as the wheel was now seriously bending out of shape and we got to the town if Rio Dell just before it got dark and we checked into the local motel and set about hatching a plan as to how we could get the broken wheel fixed.

Miles today 45. Total miles 890.

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