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Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 18: Rest days can be like stopping half way up a hill - Brookings to Crescent City

Taking our second rest day in Brookings, it felt a real accomplishment to have finished Oregon, but getting started today was really tough.

First stop was the bike shop for new chains, our first had done over 1500 miles so pretty good going, but with a large distance between bike shops we didn't want to take any chances. Not opening until 10 we didn't get going until midday by the time the guy had finished, but we got chatting to a guy from Port Townsend who had hitchhiked to the shop as his wheel was broke who was really nice so the time went by quite quick.

We don't know if it was the new chains or just being generally tired but I literally couldn't get going faster than 10mph, but finally made it to the California boarder. Oregon has been totally amazing, but we must say wear looking forward to getting warm!

Our route took us in a detour through farm land which was really nice to get off the highway with a little bit of sunshine. We stopped inGot Dick for some lunch and chatted to a couple of locals, which was funny as one guy just didn't seem to grasp we we're on push bikes and not motor bikes, which led to an interesting conversation.

After reaching Crescent City we we're both exhausted and feeling abut under the weather so we decided to call it a day and grab a room in a motel. Hopefully we'll feel better tomorrow.

Miles today 29. Total miles 767.

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