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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 15: Keep on trucking - Reedsport to Bullards Beach State Park

A little tough to get going this morning, I think I'll blame last night's non too healthy dinner of pizza and nachos.

We rode out of the busy town and along the 101 which was very busy lots if truck traffic and RV's led to a couple if hairy moments, at one point I had a big truck to my left and a storm drain to my right giving me about one inch of road to balance my tires on. I was glad of a brief side trip off the highway when we were able to take one.

We carried on the 101 to the town of North Bend, stopping just outside at a Veteran's memorial by the river to pay our respects and take a picture of the bridge we were about to cross.

The bridge was very busy with little shoulder and very strong sidewind and I've got to tell you when a big gust of wind hits a fully loaded touring bike it really knocks you. Luckily about half way over a trucker slowed down to hold up the traffic for us a bit, giving us a much easier second half to the crossing.

We stopped and bought a delicious packed lunch from a cute little sandwich and cookie shop in North Bend called Lori's Goodies To Go and ate down by the river.

We then hit the road again following the 101 over a few climbs to our camp for the night at Bullards Beach, we camped next to a couple of Canadian guys cycling down to Napa.

After dinner we walked some of the sandy trails surrounding the campsite and saw an owl swooping through the trees.

Miles today 49 Total miles 649


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