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Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 5 The only thing that is flat is the tires - Dosewallips to Potlatch

What a nice way to wake up, sunlight, the sounds of the river and birdsong.

We ate breakfast and said goodbye to our new friend from California than hit the road.
Today was HOT, the hottest day of the year so far around these parts, we rode up and down through forests with occasional glimpses if the blue waters if the Hood Canal inviting us to jump in and cool off (don't worry London people the Hood Canal is not like the Regents Canal, it's a natural canal of saltwater perfect for swimming). Up and down the hills we went getting hotter and hotter but we kept getting flats, eventually we found a hole in one of my tires which we patched up using tube patches.

We cycled on a few more miles, stopped for a Mexican lunch and then the lure of the cool water was too much so we pitched up at a campsite by the beach set out tent up near a babbling brook with a family of friendly raccoons on the other side and went for s swim.
Big thanks today to the guy at the gas station who googled the nearest bike shop for us and the guy in our camp who gave us the tire patch incase my tire ripped again. We've already met so many kind people along the way, it's amazing.

Miles today 29. Total miles 180.

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