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Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 22 Hitchin a ride- Rio Dell to Richardson Grove State Park.

So the situation was this, I had a broken spoke on the cassette side and no tools to remove the cassette, only a bike shop would be able to help and the closest one was all the way back in Eureka, a town we had passed through yesterday morning! To make matters worse we were in a schedule as we had a camping spot booked and some friends to meet in the evening who were driving all the way from Chico to see us.

A plan was hatched and it went like this; I removed the back wheel from the bike and left the motel bright and early, luckily there is a public bus in the Redwoods so I was able to ride that to backtrack to Eureka, it took about an hour and twenty to cover the distance we had cycled yesterday although it was a more direct route so I didn't feel too bad. I got to Eureka and got the wheel fixed by the good people at Henderson Center Cycles and also picked up the tools to remove the cassette if this happens again, damn the extra weight, I will not get caught in this situation again. Now I just needed to get back to the motel to be reunited with Holly and the rest of my bike. Problem was there was no bus until 2, and a taxi would cost 65 bucks, the guy at the bike shop suggested I hitch hike, he even made me a sign and gave me a lift to the freeway, what a nice guy. I didn't have to wait long within twenty minutes I got a ride, it was a guy who was on his way camping and said he wouldn't normally pick up a hitch hiker but he could tell that I was in a bind, I think it was the bike wheel! He also said he could tell that I didn't smell! Ha ha. Really nice dude and I'm so thankful he picked me up, helped keep us on track, I made it back to the motel before check out time, fitted the fixed wheel and we were on the road by 11, not too shabby.

We had over fifty miles to do to get to the campground so had to go fast.

Not too fast though as the early part of our day took us along the legendary Avenue of the Giants with many more magnificent redwood trees, it was hard to keep our eyes on the road, necks straining from looking up at all the huge trees. We also hit 900 miles, which we anticipate to be half way, so this was a major psychological boost for us.

The day involved some slow and steady climbing as we were heading into some of the higher sections of the tour, we climbed through some amazing mountainous landscapes hoping to make camp before sunset and then we headed back into another redwood forest, where our campsite was. We managed to get set up before it got dark, and then our friends Matt and Leah arrived, and they had beer! Which was just what the doctor ordered, a warm campfire and a cold beer, thanks guys!

Miles today 55. Total miles 945.

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