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Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 2: Headwinds, headcolds and heading south - Nanaimo to Ganges

Awoke to a beautiful view of the water from our camp spot, but also woke up with Dave's cold I thought I had cunningly missed. Dam and double blast!!
We decided we would check out Salt Spring Island, so headed south from Nanimo along Highway 1. Not always the nicest ride but at least you can pick up speed... If there's it a headwind against you. I really found it hard with a pounding head, but its not like we can just go home - because we don't have one!
Dave was very patient with me, answer broke for a spot of lunch at a homestyle coping cafe mmmm. Two pulled pork sandwiches please! These were awesome, but the mountain of chips (fries) I regretted later when I hit the hills.
Turning off the highway towards the ferry was a a really nice break from the highway and we saw a few eagles swooping for their prey.
We had to wait 40 minutes for the ferry so took in the amazing views, we could see the Vancouver mountains in the background, which made us realise how little we had actually travelled.
Everyone poured onto the ferry when it docked, and we parked up with all the bikers in their leather. It was a really relaxing ride, but it was so hot, not complaining mind you!
When the ferry docked, the warden gave us instructions to wait for all the traffic to go, as there are no shoulders on the narrow roads. The funny thing is that for us, the roads are like our A roads at home.
As soon as you arrive on a small island the mood instantly relaxes, even the birds seem more relaxed. It reminded me of when we first arrived and rode around Koh Pagnang in Thailand.
It was around 5 on as we arrived in Ganges and decided to set up camp for the night. I'm very happy as the campsite has chairs, that will make smore making over the fire so much sweeter.

miles today 32. total miles 59.

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