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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 13: There she blows - Beverley Beach to Carl G Washburne State Park

Nice breakfast surrounded by some little rabbits, said goodbye to Peter who we met on the road yesterday and again at camp he's a good guy, cycling to San Diego on a bet he made with one of his buddies, hope we see him again down the road.
Our first stop if the day was in Newport to visit the bike shop to get repairs done, when we got there the guys from yesterday were already there and we hung out whilst the shop did repairs, the girls from BC who had been in our camp on the first night in Oregon and last night dropped in too and we all chatted and got some photos together before they all hit the road, I hope we see them all again too.
The bike shop was awesome, it's called Bike Newport and if anyone is touring this way I can definitely recommend it, reasonable rates, free coffee and water and they have a day hostel where you can wash your clothes take a shower and use wi-fi.
The repairs and laundry took a while so we didn't really get going until the afternoon. The start of the ride was hot and sunny but it wasn't long until the cold fog blew in, this place is amazing, never known weather like it, can drop 10 degrees in a minute.
As we crossed the bridge into Waldport we saw a colony of sea lions out on a sandbank basking in the sun, as we rode by, one of them rolled over and moved its flipper, almost like it was waving at us.
We took a break at one point and Holly are the biggest ice cream I have ever seen. She ate it all.
The end of the day took us through more amazing coastal scenery, windswept beaches and coves and we were being blown southward by an amazing tailwind which even pushed me over the brow of a hill at one point without even having to pedal.
We had to finish earlier than planned as we had spent a lot of time in the bike shop so the day was already drawing to a close.
Miles today 43.5 total miles 562.5

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  1. Loving all your updates so far - awesome job so far! Keep all the pics coming. Way to go Holly & Dave! xHeidi