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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 10: Tunnel of love- Astoria to Nehalem Bay campground

Today was significant for a number of reasons but most importantly because it was the first day on our 'Pacific Coast' bike your that we actually saw the Pacific ocean.
We got up and were on the road by ten; bidding a fond farewell to the wonderful Astoria and excited for our first days riding in Oregon. We had been told that the coastline gets shrouded in fog in the summer months and today was certainly no exception, when we saw the Pacific for the first time in the aptly named Seaside it was covered in a thick layer of fog and a volleyball competition. As the day wore on the fog lifted and soon we were basking in glorious sunshine, the temperatures were still a lot lower than inland Washington though.

Another awesome Goonies sighting today, we cycled through Cannon Beach and saw the rocks on the beach that match the dabloon to lead to the treasure, film references aside they were still an amazing site to behold.
Following that it was two climbs left in the day before we got to the campground, the first involved a tunnel which at first seemed like an intimidating idea, riding through a shoulderless tunnel on a busy highway but in practice it was fine, the tunnel was pretty short and we rode it fast and they have lights you can press to let drivers know you are in there.
We ended the day at a nice campground by the beach where we met some friendly people, there was even one guy who was taking his two kids camping by bike so was having to pull the kids in a trailer and all the camping equipment too, how cool is that! Finishing the day with a sunset walk on the beach.
Miles today 42 Total miles - 414

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  1. Awesome! Did you see One-Eyed Willie's pirate ship? xXx