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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day 27: The magical circles of trees - Bodega Dunes State Beach to Samuel P Taylor Park.

Along the trip you run into a lot of people following the suggested days in the book and since Manchester beach we had been bumping into and sharing hiker bikers with a few groups of peooke which is really nice. Last night sharing a picnic table with two girls from Port Townsend, Amanda and Rachel who actually knew the guy we had met in Bookings!
We all had a shorter day than yesterday, so took our time getting ready and headed out out around 10. The first 10 miles whizzed by, srriving in Valley Ford for some cookies and to stock up for lunch. We have both turned into eating machines!

The next few miles into Tomales following the sea inland along the bay, were a bit more trying, climbing 200 foot hills with a full on head wind and terrible road surfaces. One point coming downhill, the wind blew, my bike almost stopped it was so strong - you wonder if cars even notice when they drive along!

After Tomales was some long waited flat riding.... but nothing is that simple right? Right. The headwinds continued so strong, Dave my hero cycled I front with me tucked in behind so he'd take the brunt if it. Just like penguins.

We passed down along To males bay, which was just beautiful and Dave and I ate our sandwiches by a small secluded beach at Millerton Point.
Arriving in Olema we picked up our last groceries and found the bike oath leading to the campsite which was a welcomed break from the highway and bad road surface.
We hooked up with a Todd, a guy we had also met in Manchester and arrived together. The hiker biker in Samuel P Taylor is really large, but it's all on a hill so there is actually very little room for camping. Todd found some space past a falken tree and was like 'you gotta see this'
It was amazing, five or did redwoos trees all in a circle with space to camp in the middle. We decided to share the space and as we were setting up Amanda and Rachel arrived too who joined us.
Todd only had a small amount of food and rather him having to cycle to the next town (he had followed a different route) we all pooled our food together. It was everyone else's last night, so the girls had bought wine too! We had a feast of tuna pasta, cheese curd burritos, with crackers followed by briwnies and marshmallows.
It was a great night with great people.
Miles today 42. Total miles 1157.

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  1. That evening was so much fun! Such a lovely way to end our trip. It's fun to see the pictures, and read about your further adventures.