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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 24: Every little helps... Richardson Grove State Park to Standish Hickey campground.

We had an amazing rest day with our friends Matt and Leah who drove up from Chico and brought us food and beer! After saying goodbye we didn't get packed up until late and didn't feel so up to the 1200 foot Legget hill, so decided to take a short day just 16 miles up the road (still lots of climbing) and settled in Standish Hickey hiker biker, but we figured going a few miles was better than none.

We took a break at Confusion Hill on route, which is one of only few road side attractions left.

After a hit ride we arrived at Standish hickey. It was the first hiker biker we were in where we were the only ones there. The only problem was we were really limited on food as there were no grocery stores on route.

Luckily Leah and Matt left us with some bits of food, so we managed to have a very nutritious dinner of freeze dried eggs with new potatoes, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and half an apple! Ready for our big climb first thing in the morning.

Miles today 16. Total miles 961.

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