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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 14: Dune under - Carl G Washburn to Reedsport

I was so cold last, so cold that I slept in all my clothes - including my rain jacket, fleece hat and hood up. I never realised how cold Oregon can be, we set off and I was so cold I wore my snow gloves (I bought them just in case). I was actually looking forward to the morning climb to warm me up.
The climb started with a tunnel, other cyclists had talked of these tunnels as if they were miles long, but you can see the end and out before you know it - I really didn't see what the fuss was about.
At the top of the climb we were rewarded with a stunning view through the fog, including a bald eagle swoop across the skyline, simply stunning.
First port of call for the day was the bike shop... What's that you say? We went to the bike shop yesterday? Well this time my derailer was out of whack. I'd managed to fiddle with it myself,but as we're going so far we thought best to get it checked out when we could.
Continuing through the Jessie Honeyman State Park, we took our lunch break to see the Oregon Dunes. The place was awesome, with kids sandboarding, a lake nearby with peddleos. We were right in the middle of vacation area, but it was great and had such a fun vibe. Plus the views were stunning.
Southwards on the 101 took us past Takenhitch Creek, beginning another climb, at the top we got a surprise by waking up a group of eagles nesting in the foliage, bursting upwards to the sky - giving us a real fright, but a pretty special opine at that.
I was starting to get real tired, so we decided to end the day at the bottom of the hill in Reedsport and treated ourselves to a warm night in a motel.
Miles today 38. Total miles 600.

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  1. Loving reading the blog guys! Keep up the good work, we're all behind you back home :o) xXx