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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 25: Roller coastal ride - Fort Bragg to Manchester Beach state park

From the advice of the bike shop in Arcata, I needed to get my new wheel checked. The bike shop opened in Fort Bragg are 9:30 but the guy was busy so we had to wait around until about 11:30, after a well needed stock up at Safeway, we didn't get going until a little before one. Oh well.
We took a break at the Jughandle State reserve to fill up on fruit and sandwiches (the previous night's Denny's meal wasn't too nutritious).
The whole day was up and down, and not just any ups and downs these were coastal bluff roads. Each down wizzed us around winding roads with breathtaking views. When you hit the bottom mind, you hit the bottom. It was deffinately a day of using each and every gear.
Once you made it to the top and the amazing vista point, it was back down again - just like a roller coaster!
After the town of Elk, where we stopped to top up our water supplies and an ice cream treat for me, we hit the steepest (apparently the steepest climb on the route). Wow not only was it steep, but there was this really strong head wind. I literally had to wait for a break in the wind to pedal as fast as I could until the next gust blew.
The wind was so strong at one point it blew my front tyre off the road, but I managed to keep going. It was strange but we hadn't seen a single cyclist all day, but at the climb they all appeared. One girl was pushing her bike up, but I was determined to make it all the way. Dave was, as always waiting at the top, cheering me on along with the girl's friend. More cyclists appeared and everyone cheered at reaching the top.
So we have now conquered the highest climb and the steepest, and with over 1000 miles behind us, feeling pretty damn chuffed with ourselves.
The road continued like this all the way to the campsite. Manchester beach is probably the most primitive we have stayed in, with no showers or sinks and just pit loos. Its not too bad, its just really windy - we broken out our emergengy blankets tonight to make sure we stay warm.
Miles today 40. Total miles 1047.

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