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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 6: up, up and... up! Potlatch State Park to Elma

We made good time this morning, heading out of camp just after 8am. Leaving the Bicycling Pacific Coast map book directions, we took the #acaPacCoast Adventure Cycling Association maps route.
Heading off the Highway 101 into Shelton to fill up on much needed supplies from Safeway (we had to eat eggs and tuna last night for dinner).
It took us a while eating breakfast and going in shifts and looking after the bikes, we set off southbound... Or so we thought. After cycling up a HUGE hill we realised it was the wrong road. It doesn't matter too much if you're in a car but on a fully loaded bike it's a little depressing. Back down the hill we road and found a tourist information, who helped us out the town on the right road.
Back up the hill we cycled, and up another and up another. The headwind was pretty strong as we were now so far up, any little downhill joy was stolen by the wind.Just when I was really starting to lose faith and question what the hell I was doing, a bald eagle, yes a bald eagle, swooped down in front of my path on the road, stopping me in my tracks and mouth wide open. Wow! I was too stunned to have time to get the camera out or shout to Dave (who was quite far ahead of me), I just stopped and enjoyed the moment, which gave me the second wind for the day.

It was about 27 miles between Shelton and Elma, with only a little shop with a porta potty (he he) so it felt like quite a long ride. We were starving hungry when we arrived in Elma and a nice lady told us about the Rusty Tractor (a homestyle cooking restaurant). They were great and offered us a seat out the back so we could see our bikes out the door. You don't want to have to take everything off just to eat!The food was great, I had a homemade cowpie biscuit with beef and barley soup. The biscuit was size of my head! I was expecting a regular size (like a scone). When we had finished, we were pretty done for the day, I had a throbbing headache, so decided to set up for the night in the Microtel in Elma. what a great find! Breakfast included, great rooms, laundry on site, wifi TV and all the coffee, juice and pop corn you could want and they let you take your bikes into the room.

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